Labeling System

In-Line Wire and Cable Labeling System


Wire ID printer applicator that can be integrated with wire cut and strip machines for an in-line labeling system.

Perfect for Hard-To-Mark Applications: Labeling is perfect for wires and cables that cannot be marked with other methods. Ink will not stick to Teflon wire and many applications simply do not allow hot stamp marking. Labeling is the only alternative when wires or cables must be identified.

Marking Versatility: Print logos, barcodes, time, date, and even sequencing serial numbers for each wire

In-line Integration, Decreases Handling and Increases Efficiency: Labels are automatically printed, located and wrapped thereby eliminating placement errors and reducing labor costs

Programmability: Entire jobs can be stored in the Schleuniger and Brady machines. Easily recall all wire and labeling information in a few easy steps

Flexibility: For maximum flexibility, the Wraptor’s equipment rack includes casters so that it can be taken off line and used as a standalone labeling unit when necessary

Application Range

Wire labeling is a common application where wire identification is needed and where ink jet or hot stamp marking cannot be used. It is typically a very labor-intensive job, but now this process can be completely automated to improve accuracy and efficiency and to reduce cost. Schleuniger has teamed with Brady Corporation to create an in-line cutting, stripping and labeling system comprised of the Brady Wraptor Wire ID Printer Applicator and Schleuniger‘s latest cut and strip machines. The entire system is controlled by Cayman Software.

System Components
  • PreFeeder (various models available)
  • Brady Wraptor Wire ID Printer Applicator with Schleuniger In-Line Interface
  • Equipment Rack with Wire Guide and Straightener
  • Schleuniger Automatic Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine and Equipment Rack
  • Post processing (various coiler and stacker models available)

Technical Data

Raw Material Diameter 1.52 mm - 15 mm (0.060” - 0.600”)
Cycle Time 4.5 - 6.5 seconds per label
Labeling Types End, continuous, others
Workpiece Length One label width
Breakout One strip length
Machine Compatibility EcoStrip 9380, MultiStrip 9480, PowerStrip 9550, MegaStrip 9650 (limited to cable
Important Note Schleuniger recommends that wire samples be submitted in cases where there is doubt as to the processing capabilities of a particular machine.
Compatible with