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UniStrip 2300 Now with SmartDetect – Quality Monitoring par Excellence
The world's number one programmable stripping machine has become even better and more precise: Equipped with the quality monitoring tool SmartDetect, the UniStrip 2300 is now able to detect faulty insulation during production. Improving your production quality has never been easier.
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CT 150 – Powerful, Efficient, and Precise
The CT 150 hydraulic crimping press offers power, efficiency, and precision for heavy gauge, loose-piece crimping applications. It features a touch screen display, integrated crimp monitoring, job memory, and user authorization levels, all on a flexible platform.
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CoaxStrip 6580 – Schleuniger’s latest innovation delivers an impressive 20 percent performance boost
The new CoaxStrip 6580 from Schleuniger will win over customers with its powerful drives, which deliver an excellent performance increase of 20 percent and a significant increase in blade life. Highlights of the new coaxial cable stripping machine are increased stripping quality and newly implemented processing functions.
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CrimpCenter 36 SP – The New Efficiency Champion
Equipped with reliable, high precision technology, the CrimpCenter 36 SP is the new high-performance champion, offering decreased setup time and increased performance.
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CoaxStrip 6380 – Powerful, Strong, and Extremely Precise
With a 20 percent increase in production output, the first machine of the new coaxial cable stripping generation is powerful, strong and user-friendly.
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CrimpCenter 36 SP - Performance Package
Schleuniger Launches New CrimpCenter 36 SP