Multi-Tek Chooses Schleuniger to Update its Wire Processing Production Needs

Since upgrading to the CrimpCenter 36 SP, Multi-Tek has reduced set-up times by 40% and increased processing speed by 60%.

Multi-Tek, Inc., located in Portland, OR, specializes in the manufacture of low voltage signal and power cable assemblies, primarily serving the semiconductor, industrial tooling and industrial electronics markets. Since its founding in 1995, the company has owned many different wire processing machines from multiple manufacturers. Multi-Tek was impressed with the longevity and user-friendly operation of their Schleuniger machines, so as their need for more equipment increased, they turned to Schleuniger. 

John Ferguson, Engineering Manager at Multi-Tek, explains, “Our production line has to adapt to a wide variety of applications, wire sizes, and cable types.” After purchasing and running Schleuniger’s UniStrip 2300, JacketStrip 8310 and StripCrimp 200 for several months, the company was very pleased with the reliability of the machines and level of service and support provided. They decided to purchase several additional pieces of Schleuniger equipment over the next few years. 

From small benchtop wire strippers to a CrimpCenter 36 SP fully automated crimping machine, Multi-Tek now has a wide range of Schleuniger equipment. According to Ferguson, “One of our biggest challenges had been processing small gauge wire on a Schleuniger competitor machine, especially when we had to deal with wire memory, which can make termination difficult.” Since upgrading to the CrimpCenter 36 SP, Multi-Tek has reduced set-up times by 40% and increased processing speed by 60%. Ferguson added, “My favorite feature with the CrimpCenter 36 SP is being able to monitor in real-time the data from the WireCam, SmartDetect module and Crimp Force Monitor on one screen, with historical data. This has dramatically improved our crimp quality, as well as reduced the amount of time needed to correct set-up errors.”

The company is also impressed with Schleuniger’s MultiStrip 9480 and its versatility when processing multi-conductor cables with varied outside diameters. The indexing cutter head feature is often used to select blades appropriate for each application. “We found that the user interface on all machines is very well designed and consistent, which made it much simpler to train our employees on each new machine we’ve added,” says Ferguson.

Multi-Tek’s continuous pursuit of finding ways to improve both production times and quality sets it apart from others in the industry. Looking to the future once again, Ferguson expects to see smaller wire harness manufacturers begin to take advantage of the networking and job management systems that have been used in larger facilities. Ferguson states, “Our next project is to integrate our custom-built ERP system with our CrimpCenter 36 SP so that we can optimize our work orders, reduce changeover time, and eliminate data entry steps.”