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4Wire ソフトウェアソリューション



DiIT GmbH is the world’s leading provider of integrated software solutions for engineering, manufacturing execution (MES), customized wire harness production and logistics.

DiIT‘s competencies are bundled in the “4Wire Solutions” software suite, which is primarily used for the production of wire harnesses and wiring systems in the automotive industry and other industrial sectors. By digitalizing the value chains, the company‘s innovative software optimizes and controls complex development, manufacturing and logistics processes and supports quality assurance and traceability.

The company offers a comprehensive services package to both large and small customers, which covers consulting, project management and customized implementation and training.

4Wire PPG – Production Plan Generation
4Wire PPG generates the production documents and production data automatically from the drawing.

4Wire CAO – Cutting and Assembly Optimization
4Wire CAO generates, optimizes and distributes cutting orders directly to machines and provides quality equivalent to the OEM requirements.

4Wire PLS – Production & Logistics Suite
Produce and deliver customer specific wire harnesses (KSK) just-in time or just-in sequence 4Wire PLS receives customer specific order and JIT/JIS-calls and manages the production and delivery.

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Phone: +49 89 893250-0 | Fax: +49 89 893250-50 | E-mail:  info(at)

DiIT GmbH | Branch Office – Berlin | Am Borsigturm 33 | D-13507 Berlin
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