CrimpCenter 64 SP – Produce faster and more cost effectively

Schleuniger Global 02/04/2020
Find out how the new CrimpCenter 64 SP makes you work even more efficiently!


With the CrimpCenter 64 SP you not only produce more precisely, quality consciously and between 8 and 14 percent faster. The latest creation from Schleuniger has also been designed with a focus on achieving your production goals more cost effectively. The innovative, fully automatic crimping machine provides you with a significant cost-per-lead advantage of 5 percent compared to its predecessor, remarkably efficient setup times, as well as numerous innovations that have a positive effect on your work process and daily routine.

The new CrimpCenter 64 SP bears an SP on its cover, which stands for outstanding performance. This isn’t just a decorative element but above all a hint as to its substance. The ingenious attributes of the Schleuniger Group’s latest innovation ensure highly efficient machine setup processes and provide you with a significant cost-per-lead advantage of typically 5 percent as well as 8 to 14 percent faster production compared to its predecessor. With the newly developed Dual ToolingShuttle quick-change system for example, you can prepare a new job while production is still running, change applicators and terminals in only 30 seconds and save more than one minute per terminal changeover compared to conventional methods. And the new CommandPod control device helps you to achieve fast and uncomplicated setup processes.

Furthermore, the new CrimpCenter 64 SP offers an extensive list of innovations: Application-specific default values for process parameters, automatic control of the pneumatic pressure of feeding belts and gripper systems, a sophisticated straightening unit and a newly developed roller design for very thin, demanding cables. Add to this a newly developed deposit gripper system that ensures perfectly aligned production batches for easy removal. And with integrated crimp-force monitoring for multiple stamped terminals as well as a split-cycle function, it is possible to process belted, preinsulated, closed-barrel type terminals as standard.

Monitor all quality-relevant processes

The CrimpCenter 64 SP offers several quality-monitoring options to enable you to provide your customers with a high-precision manufactured product that meets the high quality requirements of OEMs. The optional, fully integrated process-monitoring sensor system SmartDetect, for example, monitors the complete stripping process in real time, detects contacts between the stripping blade and the wire and automatically finds the best stripping parameters for the wire to be processed. The new WireCam (available in 2Q 2020) ensures — without loss of performance in crimp and seal applications — traceable production quality, precise repeatability of desired results as well as impeccable monitoring of stripping results and seal positions with 100 percent inline quality control. And with the integrated CFM 20 crimp-force monitoring system, which tracks signals during the crimping process with a sensor and compares them with the reference signal, you can measure, compare and monitor up to 4 signatures for multistamped terminal applications. But that's not all: To ensure that correct production materials are used, the CrimpCenter 64 SP employs Material Change Detection to register changeovers of wires, terminals or crimp applicators during production and thus meets the standards set by end users. The crimp-force monitoring Guided Feasibility Study evaluates the monitorability of solderless, electrical crimp connections and ensures the reliability of the monitoring parameters. In addition, the motorized PullTester 320 measuring device determines pull-off-force values of crimp and ultrasonic welding connections, and the CHM measuring system is responsible for simple and user-friendly crimp-height measurement. In addition, the ErrorExpert for the EASY software ensures simple resolution of errors by means of detailed images and notes.

The software of the CrimpCenter 64 SP runs independently of PC operating system and hardware and allows intuitive management of your production orders.

Maximum productivity and control

The new CrimpCenter 64 SP ensures maximum productivity thanks to various combination options with crimp and sealing stations, a double gripper module, a twisting and a tinning station. Four processing stations can be installed simultaneously on the fully automatic crimping machine. But it gets even better: With the DiIT 4Wire software solutions for manufacturing execution systems (MES), KSK production and logistics, you keep your wire harness production under control and can optimally manage all production areas — from assembly, production and installation to shipping — flexibly and entirely according to your needs.

The CrimpCenter 64 SP excels furthermore with an integrated signal light (TowerLight), whose signals indicate the current machine status and can be programmed according to customer requirements. Moreover, the globally standardized transformer guarantees easy changeover to the required voltage, no matter where in the world your production plant is located.

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