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FlexiTest 2000

The flexible, basic platform


Systems from the FlexiTest 2000 series are the basic platform for our automation systems. They can be equipped with up to five infeed axes and enable the user to respond flexibly to version changes. The exchange of part-specific modifications with the corresponding program change is extremely simple. Hence, the operator can implement the change to a new product within the shortest possible time. Systems from the FlexiTest 2000 series are ideal for testing sample parts and pilot series because the applied modifications can continue to be used when the product goes into series production and automated testing is implemented. This means that during the introductory phase of a new product, the parts are tested with the same equipment as during the subsequent series production. With this test-on-demand approach, we support our customers with production start-ups and with the spare parts business. We would be happy to carry out the testing of your initial component for you, naturally with the corresponding test certificate.

Test Options

Electrical connection tests

  • Continuity test
  • High voltage
  • Open
  • Resistance
  • Reverse polarity
  • Short circuit

Presence checks

  • Alignment and fastening pins
  • Cable shoes
  • Cable ties
  • Caps and covers
  • Clips
  • Connectors

Mechanical checks

  • Forces
  • Pin height/pin length
  • Pin material (plastic/metal)
  • Swash circumference check
  • Vacuum pressure tests

Visual checks

  • 3D scanning
  • Barcode
  • Colors
  • Data matrix
  • Hole diameter
  • Pattern matching
  • Swash circumference check
  • Text

Component checks / Electrical values

  • Capacitors
  • Coils
  • Currents
  • Diodes
  • LEDs
  • Resistors
  • Static and dynamic HALL sensor testing


Function modules
Function modules
Plug connectors and plastic parts
Plug connectors and plastic parts