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CrimpLab 3

Software for efficient, intuitive and user-friendly testing of crimp cross-sections


The CrimpLab 3 analysis and measurement software was developed with a focus on the efficient, intuitive and user-friendly testing of crimp cross-sections, and is available in two versions: a Standard and an Automatic version.

CrimpLab 3 allows you to quickly create measurement routines and testing jobs based on modular data, customize measurement functions to your needs, and make use of a wide range of pre-implemented additional measurement functions. Material-specific data need to be created only once, and can easily be retrieved to set up jobs or test logs, which has a positive effect on the management of your master data. Moreover, measurement routines and workflows can be defined to customer specifications, as well as work procedures programmed, stored and reused, saving time in preparation and analysis.

CrimpLab 3 Automatic automates numerous functions that need to be executed manually or with mouse clicks in the Standard version. The process of detecting inner and outer conductors of the terminal, for example, has been automated in a way that allows the user to completely dispense with the need to manually trace the cable contour for identifying the relevant factors. CrimpLab 3 Automatic provides fully automatic and efficient crimp cross-section analysis within seconds.

Application Range

CrimpLab 3 can be used with the Schleuniger systems MicroGraph and SawInspect, and comprises, among others, all the tools required to perform measurements according to Volkswagen standard VW 60330. The software can be used to count wires, determine degrees of crimp, crimp symmetries, cavity ratios, physical measurement data from a crimp height measuring unit, and specifically created measurements.

  • Excellent menu overview and focus on testing terminals thanks to the user interface in “Dark Theme” design
  • Integrated database for the storage of material-specific data and individual jobs
  • High measuring efficiency thanks to pre-defined job templates
  • Selection of a wide range of pre-implemented additional measure ment functions (e.g. measurement of radii, curves and distances)
  • Creation of customized measurement functions
  • Fast and automatic calibration
  • Quick generation of clearly structured and concise reports that enable the tracking of data
  • Intuitive user administration including language selection
  • Comprehensive language support for worldwide deployment
  • Quick and easy measurement of many different aspects of cable processing
  • Fast creation of testing jobs using modular data
  • Comprehensive functions for the crimp cross-section analysis of critical test parameters
  • Creation of customer-specific measurement jobs and user inquiries
  • Use of multiple cameras

Technical Data

AnalysisAll measurement requirements according to Volkswagen standard VW 60330 as well as wire count, symmetry, compression rates, cavity ratios, external crimp height measuring unit (CHM), and specifically created measurements.
Measuring MethodCrimpLab 3 Standard: Manual
CrimpLab 3 Automatic: Fully automatic or manual
Job ManagementThis function allows the creation and storage of jobs, including crimp data, specifications, and measurement routines.
ReportingReport in PDF format, including crimp cross-section image, header data, test data, data about terminals, cable data, and measurements. Evaluation according to Standard template or freely customizable with the Report Designer in CrimpLab 3 Automatic
LanguagesEnglish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, French, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese
System Requirements

CPU: Equivalent to Intel Core i5 or higher
Hard Disk: Min. 10 GB available
Graphics Card: Resolution min. 1,920 x 1,080, DirectX 9 compatible
Slots: Min. 2 free USB slots (1x license dongle, 1x camera)
Peripherals: Mouse and keyboard or touch screen
Operating system: Windows 10

Compatible with
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