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Lifting-Type Assembly Line


Horizontal or lifting-type assembly lines offer a stable and efficient platform for wire harness assembly. It offers a small footprint with operator access from both sides of the line saving valuable floor space and improving productivity.

The lifting-type assembly line is divided into upper and lower levels. The upper level is the production surface for wire harness processing and the lower level is for standby work boards. The machine operating concept is simple. Each work board moves horizontally along the top level until it reaches the end station. At that point, an elevator moves it to the lower level while an elevator on the other end of the line moves a work board from the lower level to the upper level. Operation continues in this fashion.

  • Compact structure occupies less floor space
  • Low energy consumption and quiet operation
  • Smooth and stable movement of work boards
  • Two level design improves productivity

Technical Data

Workboard Sides


Speed Correction

Frequency controlled motor


22 m/min

Power Supply

3 x 400 VAC, PE

Workboard Dimensions (L x W)

2,400 x 900 mm (94.5 x 35.4“)
3,000 x 900 mm (118.1 x 35.4“)
3,600 x 900 mm (141.7 x 35.4“)
4,200 x 900 mm (165.4 x 35.4“)


The Lifting-Type wire harness assembly line fully complies with all CE and EMV equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

More Info


  • Display screen with actual production quantity
  • Document hanging system
  • Overhead shelf
  • Workstation lighting
  • Workstation fans