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Strip Series B300

Stripping machine


In its price class, the portable B300 stripping machine opens up completely new possibilities for fast and at the same time reliable stripping of cables with cross sections from 0.03 to 8 mm2 (32 to 8 AWG).

The ergonomic machine design and the completely revised user interface on the high-resolution 5” color touchscreen offer unrivaled ease of use.

The B300 is extremely ease to operate, even without programming knowledge. Simplified input screen content and the guided menu navigation make for intuitive handling. Process parameters stored in the software allow out-of-the-box use for the common functions of stripping with full and partial pull-off and recutting. More complex applications, the storing of articles, or a customer-specific process parameterization can be achieved with the optional software upgrade.

The repeat accuracy, mechanical precision and short work cycles ensure high productivity in common stripping applications.

Application Range


  • Wire
  • Solid Wire
  • Single-Conductor Cable
  • Kapton
  • Discrete Wire
  • Stranded Wire
  • Multiconductor Cable
  • PUR
  • PVC
  • Teflon®
  • Tefzel®

Processing Capabilities

Full strip
Full strip
Multiconductor cable stripping
Multiconductor cable stripping
Partial strip
Partial strip

Technical Data

Conductor Cross Section - Strip

0.03 – 8 mm² (32 – 8 AWG)

Conductor Cross Section - CutMax. 2.5 mm2 (stranded wire)
Raw Material DiameterMax. 7 mm
Strip LengthMax. 50 mm
Pull-off Length

Max. 30 mm

Breakout Length with Special Clamp Jaws

5.5 mm

Power Supply100 V AC to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
CE ConformityThe B300 fully complies with the CE and EMC machinery directives relating to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
Important NoteWe recommend to have your cable sampled by us in case of doubt. Cables with hard or highly adhesive insulation may not be able to be stripped, even though their conductor cross section is within the processing range. Cables with a conductor cross section of 6 mm² or more require sampling.

More Info


  • Software for enhanced functionality, raw material and process libraries, article library, article list, and barcode reader
  • Foot pedal
  • Cable-specific clamp jaws to customer requirements
  • Air kit with waste extraction system



  • No blade change for all processable cables
  • Short distance (9 mm) from cover to blade
  • Intuitive operation via high-resolution touchscreen
  • Processing parameters of stranded wires and solid conductors in mm2 and AWG
  • Highly sensitive trigger mechanism
  • Visually controllable strip
  • Large application flexibility and bandwidth


Programmable Processing Parameters

  • Strip and pull-off length
  • Incising diameter
  • Blade opening before pull-off (pull-off opening)
  • Clamp force