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Option for Quality Assurance


WireCam is a highly innovative quality assurance option for Schleuniger CrimpCenters. The system monitors the stripping results and certain properties of positioned seals. A camera takes a picture of the processed wire end while the wire is in motion, or "on-the-fly." Based on a two-dimensional top view picture, the software inspects each single wire end and compares it with the reference in real time.

  • Full integration with EASY Software for simple integration
  • Simple and fast set-up
  • Measuring results are displayed in real time

Application Range

Other configurations are not foreseen.

Technical Data

View26 x 20 mm (1.02 x 0.79“)
Conductor Cross-Section0.13 – 6 mm² (26 – 10 AWG)
Application LimitsFull strip maximum 24 mm (0.94“)
Seal LengthMaximum 10 mm (0.39“)
Seal DiameterMaximum 13 mm (0.51“)

More Info


WireCam can be retrofitted on the CrimpCenter 36 S and the CrimpCenter 6x series (for machines manufactured beginning in 2013).

Compatible with
Cut, Strip & Terminate