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SmartDetect for UniStrip 2300

SmartDetect for UniStrip 2300


SmartDetect is a highly innovative quality-monitoring option. The sensor-controlled system monitors the complete stripping process and detects any contact between the stripping blade and the conductor. The function can be activated during incising and pull-off for quality assurance purposes.

In the configuration, the user can specify how the machine should behave when detecting a conductor contact. The conductor can either be automatically cut in pieces or the operator can determine if the wire can still be used. Touching the conductor through the blades will cause an error message to show up on the display, additionally supported by a beep (if enabled in the configuration).

The performance loss when the SmartDetect function is switched on is very low and does not exceed 100 ms.

Compatibility with available options and blades 
SmartDetect can be used with all available options so far (small clamping jaws, air jet kit, air jet & suction kit) and all available UniStrip 2300 blades. 

Installing SmartDetect
The SmartDetect option can either be installed directly when ordering the machine or retrofitted by Schleuniger AG in Thun or by trained representatives at a later date. Please note that SmartDetect can only be retrofitted as of serial number 9800.

Technical Data

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