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SmartDetect for cut & strip machines


The innovative quality-monitoring option SmartDetect for the Schleuniger cut and strip machines with multiblade cutting unit prevents poorly processed cables from being incorporated into an end product. The sensor-controlled system monitors the complete stripping process in real time and detects any contact between the stripping blades and the conductor, improving production quality without sacrificing high performance.

The S.ON software allows individual tolerance adjustments for each processing layer of the programmed wire data. Full integration into the S.ON user interface ensures a fast and easy setup. The SmartDetect option can be ordered as an option on new or retrofitted to existing machines. The SmartDetect cutting unit allows use of the standard SmartBlade™ system without any restrictions, if there is no monitoring required.

  • The wide monitoring range allows the processing of discrete wire as well as coaxial and multiconductor cables
  • Continuously performs a self-test
  • Retrofittable at any time to existing MultiStrip 9480, PowerStrip 9580 and MegaStrip 9680 machines
  • Uses the standard cutting unit module
  • The S.ON software allows individual tolerance adjustments for each processing layer of the programmed wires

Technical Data

Quality AssuranceSmartDetect

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The SmartDetect quality-monitoring system is used to oversee the stripping process. The system detects the slightest contact between the stripping blades and the conductor during the stripping process.

The monitoring is carried out in two zones corresponding to the normal stripping process:

  • Incising: Contact during cutting of the insulation is monitored.
  • Pull-off: Contact during the stripping movement is monitored

If the slightest contact is detected, an error message indicating the affected zones is generated and the stripping process is stopped. The error message contains detailed information with actual and setpoint values including recommendations on how to prevent subsequent errors.