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PreFeeder 2200

Prefeeding Machine Puller Type


The PreFeeder 2200 is a free-standing, electrical prefeeding machine designed to pull wire and cable from reels weighing up to 70 kg (154 lbs.).

Application Range

The PreFeeder 2200 is a free-standing, electric-demand prefeeding machine designed to pull wire and cable from reels weighing up to 70 kg (154 lbs.) and provide a constant tension to downstream wire processing machines. A moveable dancer pulley allows the PreFeeder 2200 to easily respond to the typical intermittent starting and stopping actions associated with automatic wire processing machines.

Technical Data

Raw Material Diameter

15 mm (0.60”)

Reel Diameter

Maximum 762 mm (30”)

Reel Width

Maximum 457 mm (18”)

Reel Weight

Maximum 70 kg (154 lbs.)

Pulling Force

Maximum 150 N from cable rack

Reel Arbor Diameter

19-65 mm (0.75 – 2.3”)

Feed Rate

2.5 m/s (8.2 ft/s)

Power Supply

110 VAC, 50/60 Hz


65 kg (143 lbs.)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

978 x 762 x 1,143 mm (38.5" x 30" x 45”)


The PreFeeder 2200 fully complies with all CE and EMC equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Important Note

Schleuniger recommends that wire samples be submitted in cases where there is doubt as to the processing capabilities of a particular machine.

More Info


  • Front-loading operating head for quick, tool-less cable changeovers
  • Wide belts can pull cables up to 15 mm (0.60”) in diameter
  • Universally adjustable cable guide eliminates individual guides that can be misplaced
  • Powerful drive motor for turning heavy reels
  • High maximum speed of 2.5 m/s (8.2 ft/s) keeps up with most cut, strip and terminate applications
  • Large accumulation capacity 3.8 m (12.5 ft) easily handles high speed/high acceleration applications
  • Simple controls and ergonomic panel height for easy operation