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TTP 5000

Thermal Printing Wire Marker


The TTP 5000 thermal print wire marking device marks wires and cables on the entire outer diameter of the wire, combines the thermal transfer and hot stamping marking techniques, guaranteeing abrasion-resistant markings. It is used especially in series production and is compatible as an in-line solution with all Schleuniger automatic cutting and stripping machines.

  • Designed for cables and wires with different insulation types
  • Printing on the entire outer diameter of the cable
  • Innovative printing technique for abrasion-resistant markings
  • Printing of barcodes, logos, texts, graphics and 2D codes
  • Integration in all Schleuniger automatic cutting and stripping machines

Application Range

Marking possibilities

With the TTP 5000 the following elements can be displayed:

  • Text fields and variable text fields
  • Database variables
  • Number fields
  • Counter variables
  • Logos, images and 2D graphics
  • Data
  • Barcodes
  • Special characters

Technical Data

Raw Material Diameter

2 – 16 mm (0.08 – 0.63“)

Marking Length

Max. 80 mm (3.15“)

Marking Height

20 mm (0.79“) in roller mode

Thermofoil Size

83 mm x 300 m (3.26“ x 328.08“)

Receptor Slide Size

100 mm x 150 m (3.93“ x 164.04“) or 100mm x 100m (3.93“ x 109.36“) (depends on size and font)

Foil Consumption

5 – 30 mm (0.19“– 1.18“) (depends on size and font)

Marking Colors

Black and white; other colors available on request

Marking Process

Roll mode

Compressed Air Connection

5 – 6 bar, oil free, dry and filtered compressed air

Power Supply

1L / N / PE AC 240 V 50 Hz or 1L / N / PEAC 110 V, 60 Hz (according to type plate)


RS 232, parallel interface or Ethernet

Dimensions (L x W x H)

85 x 52 x 48 cm (33.46“ x 20.47“ x 18.89“)


43 kg (94.8 lbs.)


The TTP 5000 fully complies with all CE and EMV equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Important Note

Schleuniger recommends that wire samples be submitted in cases where there is doubt as to the processing capabilities of a particular machine.

More Info

Marking technique

The combination of two base marking processes in one device enables – depending on the flexibility of the cable – abrasion-resistant all-round printing in high-precision quality. In a first step, a thermal foil is prepared in a way that only the elements that are supposed to be printed remain on it. These are then hotstamped onto the wire or cable. Thanks to a special unwinding process, the entire circumference of the wire is available during the printing process, which has a positive effect on font sizes and thus the legibility of text and other elements. If required, print can also be applied to several positions on the wire.

Simple programming

  • Complete integration into CAYMAN PC software
  • Simple import of graphics (.pcx formats)
  • Input of all parameters via panel, external keyboard or laptop possible (depending on operating mode)
  • Direct transmission of wire program print data to the marking device thanks to the CAYMAN Device Connector