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SealLoader 4000

Sealing Station for Wire Processing Machines


The SealLoader 4000 combines the proven strengths of predecessor models and is distinguished by unique new features:​

  • Low costs per lead – up to 15 % higher performance compared to previous Schleuniger sealing stations
  • Manufacturer-independent application – compatible with kits and wire-processing machines from Schleuniger and other manufacturers
  • Extremely easy to operate without tools – very short changeover times
  • Comprehensive software integration in Schleuniger’s fully automatic crimping machines
  • Optimized seal insertion process thanks to the new motorized Z axis
  • Enhanced convenience for operators and maintenance staff
  • Intuitive operation and quick-lock solutions for rapid tool changes

Application Range

The SealLoader 4000 processes all types of seals up to a maximum length of 19 mm and an outer diameter of 17 mm. It is suitable for hard-shell seals, oval seals, long seals and mini-seals. Special sizes can be ordered on request.




Technical Data

Raw Material Diameter

Maximum 6 mm (0.23“)

Seal Dimensions

Maximum 17 mm (0.669") outer diameter
Maximum 19 mm (0.78") length

Other sizes available on request

Process Time

Approx. 300 m/s (without options)

Cycle Time

Approx. 900 m/s (depending on the cable, seal, and program)

Noise Level LpA

< 76 db (A)

CompatibilityWith SealLoad Unit 3000 and SealLoad 3100 seal kits as well as seal kits from third-party suppliers
InterfacesOPC UA & I/O (24 V DC)
Power Supply

24 VDC, 300 W

Compressed Air Connection

Min. 6 bar (90 psi) compressed air, not oiled, filtered and dry

Dimensions (L x W x H) 680 x 172 x 905 mm (26.7 x 6.7 x 35.6”) (black box) 
CE ConformityThe SealLoader 4000 requires a cable processing machine as a basis for integration and to ensure compliance with CE and EMC machinery directives relating to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility. Consequently, the integrator of the SealLoader 4000 is responsible
for CE conformity.
Important NoteSchleuniger recommends submitting cable samples in cases where there are doubts about the processing capabilities of a particular machine.

More Info

Special Features

The new motorized Z axis is controlled via the software and enables processing that can be finely adjusted to the quality of the seals. Application-specific parameters in the EASY software speed up the entire process, prevent incorrect settings, and ensure fewer rejects. Quick-clamping solutions that can be operated with one hand simplify the seal kit setup process, and minimize the training required.

It is also able to accommodate third-party seal kits through the newly developed SealKit Carrier option.

Ex works, the SealLoader 4000 is available in two basic configurations:

  • with feed belt unit
  • with vacuum unit

These can be equipped differently. All available options can be directly integrated, or retrofitted at a later point in time.



  • SealKit Carrier for the integration of seal kits from third-party suppliers
  • Remote control options for settings on the sealing station
  • SealCheck quality module for monitoring seal assembly (presence check with optical sensor)
  • SealLevel Monitor with warning light (level control of the seal tank with sensor)
  • Specific seal kits are available for particular seal types, e.g. for hard-shell, oval, large or mini-seals
  • Mechanical base for CrimpCenter
  • SealCleaner 20 for cleaning and drying seals by tumbling in combination with special towels and compressed air
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