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CAYMAN Toolbox




The CAYMAN Toolbox is an extension to the wire processing software CAYMAN. The software is available as Basic and Advanced version. Both versions are modular and contain various programs.  


CAYMAN Toolbox Basic

The Basic version is a collection of auxiliary programs for the CAYMAN wire processing software. Each of the programs has a dedicated application area, in sum they extend the functionality of the CAYMAN software in the areas of job selection, marking technology as well as data export and mass modification of existing CAYMAN files. The programs can be used individually or in combination.


Selected functions:

  • Split CAYMAN files with multiple cables into separate lists
  • Export cable files to CSV format
  • Load cable files via barcode scanner
  • Verifying of raw material - production cannot be started if the raw mate-rial is not matching
  • Enables production based on connector description and/or raw material
  • Easy creation of multiline marking texts with preview



The ERP version includes the CAYMAN Toolbox Basic and additional programs which are used to connect to the customer's ERP systems. They offer functions for job control and logging. The Toolbox ERP suits well for production preparation and IT department. It intends to simplify the interface between the customer's IT systems and CAYMAN. The programs can be used individually or in combination.


Selected functions:

  • Extends the order management feature of CAYMAN
  • The machine operator gets the correct cable data based on the order number
  • Logs in the background all cables manufactured with CAYMAN
  • Recording of the actual material consumption per raw material and order
  • An Excel list with individual articles can be combined into production lists
  • Import cable lists from Excel