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Accurate and flexible linear system


The TransferLine is Schleuniger’s accurate and flexible linear system for automatically processing cables, lines, and soft hose-like materials.  

The modular and standardized design of the basic system ensures cost-effective solutions and enables precise tailoring to the application. The tool carrier concept is designed specifically for axial processing of individual cores and multiple conductor lines. The tool carrier (shuttle) can be indexed laterally, vertically and axially. Part feeding and assembly stations, as well as test stations, can be integrated according to individual requirements. In addition, the system can be extended with peripheral devices. 

The TransferLine is the most accurate and robust basis for automated applications in the cable processing industry. Well over one hundred of these systems are successfully in operation with customers worldwide. 


  • High-speed data cables
  • Cables with FAKRA connectors
  • Cables with Squib connectors
  • Cables / connectors for ABS, exhaust management, high-temperature sensor, and other sensor applications