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Wraptor A6500

In-Line Wire and Cable Labeling Solution


Label marking systems are often used for marking wires or cables that are not suitable for inkjet or hot stamp printing and are therefore subject to a complex processing procedure. However, the processing step of labeling can be fully automated: The in-line wire and cable labeling solution Wraptor A6500 from Brady is compatible with Schleuniger cut-and-strip machines, with which it can be used in-line. Customers can thus fully automate labeling processing steps and, as a result, increase the accuracy and efficiency of their production as well as reduce costs. 

Increased efficiency

The Wraptor A6500 is a great tool to control manufacturing cost and enhance identification quality by automatically printing and applying labels. It identifies cables in 5 seconds, eliminates the need to print labels in advance and the time needed to apply them by hand. The Wraptor’s technology enables 300 dpi prints for barcodes, logos and diagrams, and a tight label wrap around the wire, with minimal bubbling or wrinkling.


  • Increases production output by printing and applying wrap-around cable labels in 5 seconds
  • Easy to operate because it can identify a wide range of cables between 1.52 mm and 15.24 mm diameter via a modern user interface with full color touchscreen
  • Easy to implement in a variety of production environments thanks to USB ports and Ethernet connectivity
  • Can be used with Brady Workstation apps to design, print and apply a wide range of labels
  • Allows saving and processing commonly used labels
  • Can be integrated with Schleuniger Cut & Strip Machines

Detailed information about the Wraptor A6500 can be found on Brady's homepage under the following link:

Application Range

Marking Versatility
Text, logos, barcodes, barcodes displayed as plain text, graphics, time, date, and even information and data from production and even sequential serial numbers can be marked anywhere along a wire or cable.

Technical Data

Raw Material Diameter

1.52 - 15 mm (0.06 - 0.60”)

Cycle Time

Wrapping cycle time: 4.5 - 6.5 seconds per label

Labeling Types

End, continuous, others

Workpiece Length

Minimum wire length: One label width
Minimum distance to end of wire: One strip length


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