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StripCrimp 200

Stripping and Crimping Machine


Get to know one of the most flexible stripper-crimper machines: The fully programmable StripCrimp 200. This machine is most suitable for high precision stripping and subsequent crimping of side- or rear-feed terminals for wires of 0.05 – 4.00 mm² (30 - 12 AWG). The strip and crimp machine, StripCrimp 200, captivates with great flexibility and user-friendly operation. The machine is highly suitable as a semiautomatic stripper-crimper or within fully automatic transfer systems and runs quickly, quietly and safely.

  • Fully programmable stripping unit with wayback and recut function
  • Economical & user-friendly
  • Quick-release applicator base plate for easy changeover
  • Job memory for all cable parameters and functions
  • Split cycle capability for closed barrel contacts

Application Range

The programmable StripCrimp 200 is designed for high-precision stripping and crimping of side- or rear-feed terminals for wires of 0.05 – 4.00 mm² (30 – 12 AWG).

Processing Capabilities

Discrete wire crimping
Discrete wire crimping
Discrete wire stripping
Discrete wire stripping
Discrete wire stripping & crimping
Discrete wire stripping & crimping
Multiconductor cable crimping
Multiconductor cable crimping
Multiconductor cable processing
Multiconductor cable processing
Multiconductor cable stripping & crimping
Multiconductor cable stripping & crimping

Technical Data

Conductor Cross Section

0.05 – 4.0 mm² (30 – 12 AWG)

Raw Material Diameter

Up to 6.3 mm ( 0.25”)

Crimping Force

33 kN (3.7 tons)


40 mm (1.575”)

Shut Height

135.788 mm (5.3460”)

Crimp Height Adjustment

± 0.25 mm (0.01”), in increments of 0.025 mm (0.001”)

Strip Length

0.5 – 15 mm (0.02” – 0.59”)


Programmable, 0 – 2 mm (0 - 0.08")


0 – 4 mm (0 - 0.157”)


Minimum 19 mm (0.75") application dependent (for jacketed cables)

Cycle Time

 < 0.9 s for stripping and crimping
Crimp cycle time programmable from 350 ms to 1 s


Clamping force adjustable with pneumatic pressure regulator

Memory Capacity


Noise Level

<70 dB (A)

Power Rating

0.75 kW

Power Supply

115 VAC - 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (L x W x H)

350 x 350 x 710 mm (13.8 x 13.8 x 28.0”)


90 kg (198 lbs.)

CE Conformity

The StripCrimp 200 fully complies with all CE and EMC equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

More Info


  • Pneumatic valve to activate pneumatic crimp applicators
  • Crimp force monitoring
  • Short outer jacket stripping kit (assembled on UNI-A crimp applicator)
  • Carrier strip cutter
  • Terminal oiler
  • Paper winder
  • Work light


All stripping parameters and special functions can be programmed and saved:

  • Wire cross section, correction value, wayback, recut, stripping length, stripping position, multistep stripping, press speed
  • Counter function, language, unit of measurement, CFM activation, pneumatic terminal feed, operating mode (only stripping, only crimping, stripping and crimping), password, diagnostic function
  • Active slug removal
  • Quick-change applicator base plate
  • Jogging function (left/right) with home position display and automatic home position function
  • Fine adjustment of crimp height (micro-adjustment)