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Schleuniger and Laser Wire Solutions Agree upon Worldwide Cooperation

Connected: Schleuniger CEO Christoph Schüpbach (left) and Paul Taylor, CEO and Managing Director of Laser Wire Solutions agree on the potential of laser technology in the wire processing sector.
Schleuniger Global05/10/2016

Thun, May 2016 – In the future, Switzerland based Schleuniger Group and the UK company, Laser Wire Solutions Ltd., intend to cooperate on a worldwide basis. The goal of this cooperation is to develop and market joint solutions for laser-based cable processing and make the benefits of this technology available to a broader range of customer groups in various industries.

In the future, Schleuniger and Laser Wire Solutions Ltd., headquartered in Pontypridd (UK), have agreed to cooperate on a global basis. This cooperation enables Schleuniger to offer an even broader spectrum of solutions.

Laser Wire Solutions was founded in 2011 and is a fast growing and highly innovative company that offers laser-based solutions for wire processing, in particular for the wire and jacket stripping processes. Stripping wires using laser technology was first developed by NASA and for a long time was used exclusively for processing high-tech wires for the aerospace industry. Thanks to a continued decline in the costs of laser components, this technology now represents, for certain applications, an interesting alternative to conventional wire processing, even outside of its original area of application. Today, the technology produces high quality production results and offers a very high range of possible applications. In addition, the technology has made significant advances in productivity and because it is a contactless process, it is not subject to wear and tear, making it almost maintenance-free.

Thanks to the cooperation agreement with Laser Wire Solutions, Schleuniger has gained access to this exciting technology with its interesting potential in the field of wire stripping. In addition, it allows Schleuniger to expand its comprehensive portfolio, further securing its number one position worldwide in semi-automatic wire stripping solutions.

The cooperation between Schleuniger and Laser Wire Solutions will primarily impact technological aspects, including product and application development, as well as marketing.

“I am really looking forward to this cooperation as it will significantly impact the way certain wires are processed. With Laser Wire Solutions’ technical expertise in laser applications and with Schleuniger’s knowhow in benchtop equipment and marketing, this cooperation will shape the wire processing industry in a significant way,” Paul Taylor, CEO and Managing Director of Laser Wire Solutions says. Schleuniger CEO, Christoph Schüpbach, is particularly enthusiastic about Laser Wire Solutions’ corporate DNA: “The innovation power, drive and entrepreneurial spirit within this company are simply exceptional.” In addition, Christoph Schüpbach sees “a huge potential in bringing together the two companies DNAs. I see multiple areas where both companies already greatly benefit from each other. It is a pleasure to see my team working with Paul like they have worked together for many years. The cooperation offers a vast range of synergies and I am convinced that both companies have much to gain from each other.”