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New CoaxStrip 6480 – The Perfect Solution for Nearly Every Need

Schleuniger Global12/13/2018

The new CoaxStrip 6480 stripping machine increases production by an average of 15 percent, reduces your operating costs and guarantees high processing flexibility and quality. The ability to process coaxial cables with outer diameters of 1.2 to 12 millimeters makes it a perfect all-rounder for almost any production need. Schleuniger’s CoaxStrip 6480 is equipped with "cable end detection" and "cable diameter verification" and is available immediately.

Schleuniger is proud to present another highlight for the end of the year: Available for sale immediately, the semiautomatic stripping machine CoaxStrip 6480 processes coaxial cables with an outer diameter of 1.2 to 12 millimeters, offers unique processing functions and helps you reduce your operating costs. With its simplified programming, high-performance control software and high production performance, the CoaxStrip 6480 is the perfect solution for almost any production need.

15 Percent Increase in Productivity
With top quality features such as fast and easy machine setup as well as precise and powerful drives, the CoaxStrip 6480 qualifies itself as a great all-rounder, enabling you to produce even more wires in less time. While the newly developed, extremely powerful drives guarantee an average productivity increase of 15 percent, the reliable and quality-focused Schleuniger technology virtually eliminates unplanned downtime. Changeover times for changing mechanical parts are completely eliminated as both the cutting blades as well as the centering and clamping jaws may be used for the entire range of wires. Schleuniger has also made maintenance of the machine quicker and easier by designing the protective cover to be removed without any tools.

The CoaxStrip 6480 further impresses with its innovative technology concept: Depending on the processing diameter, the contact point will vary on the blade edge for each of the three blades, increasing their service life and reducing operating costs. In addition, the three-blade stripping head offers a considerable advantage when removing highly adhesive insulations due to its large contact surface.

Quality Control Made Easy
The new CoaxStrip 6480 furthermore provides three unique functions for quality monitoring: The "cable diameter verification" prevents the processing of incorrect wires because it ensures that the outer diameter of the inserted wire corresponds to the value entered in the wire program. If it does not, the machine stops and displays an error message. Schleuniger's newly developed cable retraction function automatically guides the wire into the correct stripping position, a great help in the work process, especially when processing flexible materials and long stripping lengths. And the "cable end detection" ensures that the lengths of the stripped wires are exact and precise, no matter how they are inserted into the machine. But it gets even better: The positioning of the stripping blades slightly behind the centering jaws, means that damage to the shielding, the dielectric and the inner conductor can be eliminated during the whole stripping process. A precise and clean cut is achieved thanks to the fact that the blade cuts are made linearly and at right angles to the cable axis. The three-jaw centering system, located directly in front of the blades, ensures that the wire is perfectly centered and stabilized during the stripping process. And: The centering jaw position can be programmed for each layer as well as for the twisting of the inner conductors, resulting in a reliable and high-quality result.

Charming Programming
The new CoaxStrip 6480 will not only win over long-time employees with its intuitive and powerful control software, but even occasional machine operators will be impressed: Never before has the programming of a semiautomatic stripping machine been so simple. The processing parameters are automatically calculated based on the raw material data, and the stored libraries even contain presettings for conductor cross-sections, which are displayed in both square millimeters and AWG. In addition, the raw material data of the most common coaxial cables are stored in the library from the very beginning. Like all Schleuniger automatic Cut & Strip machines, the new CoaxStrip 6480 is controlled by the S.ON software. This means that operators who are already familiar with Schleuniger products will find the same interface on all machines, reducing the amount of required training accordingly. In addition, the high-resolution color touchscreen offers an intuitive, modern and user-friendly interface.

With its new all-rounder – the sixth product launched this year – Schleuniger completes an extremely successful year 2018, which was again marked by a high rate of innovation. In addition to the fully automatic CrimpCenter 36 SP, which stands for maximum productivity, the Exmore In-Line Laser Marking System, as well as the sensor-controlled quality monitoring option SmartDetect on the UniStrip 2300, the Swiss company was able to demonstrate its strengths, particularly in the field of semiautomatic stripping machines, surprising customers with numerous production-optimizing innovations. But there’s much more to come: Schleuniger promises even greater things for the productronica year 2019.