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MultiStrip 9480: The Most Versatile Cut and Strip Platform

Schleuniger Global04/15/2015

Thun, April 2015: Schleuniger debuted the new MultiStrip 9480 at this year's productronica China trade fair.

Market launch for the MultiStrip 9480, Schleuniger's latest innovation for fully automatic cutting and stripping. The MultiStrip 9480 offers users a comprehensive range of benefits including:

  • The MultiStrip 9480 is available in six machine versions to meet individual production needs and budgets, allowing customers to invest in a customized solution

  • The MultiStrip 9480 offers an impressive throughput capacity thanks to the extremely fast cutter head, the fast transport speeds, and parallel machine processes

  • Changeover times are minimized with quick change blade cartridges, magnetically held guide tubes and programming libraries

  • Users can continue to use their existing blades from the OmniStrip 9450 and the PowerStrip 9500 models

  • For many years, Schleuniger's CX and RX technology has been the benchmark for the high-precision processing of coaxial and other shielded cables

  • The P_SOS Data Converter software enables existing programs from the OmniStrip 9400, OmniStrip 9450 and PowerStrip 9500 models to be converted. With just a few modifications, the programs can continue to be used with Cayman and the S.On software

"Our claim is To Be Precise,” Schleuniger product manager Rajeevan Kumaran states emphatically and emphasizes that with the MultiStrip 9480, this claim has once again been fully implemented. He notes that amongst other things, the MultiStrip 9480 is equipped with a high-precision cutter head for applications that require maximum cutting quality. And of course, Schleuniger's CX and RX technology has been setting the benchmark for coaxial and micro-coaxial applications for many years. Kumaran concludes by adding, "Companies that require a machine for cutting and stripping and want unrivalled versatility and a high degree of precision will love the MultiStrip 9480!"

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