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COVID-19 News Ticker

Schleuniger Global04/30/2020

This announcement is to inform you about the latest developments regarding the coronavirus. We will keep you regularly updated here on all the latest developments in the form of a news ticker.


Update 04/30/2020

Dear customers, partners and friends of the Schleuniger family,

First things first, the entire Schleuniger Group hopes that you are staying healthy and that all is fine with you under the circumstances. 

We are currently faced with exceptional situations and must make many far-reaching decisions. It is difficult to make forecasts, and a great many factors are uncertain. In addition, there are rapidly changing general parameters that have a massive impact on daily business in some cases. We at Schleuniger are also doing our very best every day to keep the economy up and running. We are therefore particularly happy that, until now, we have managed to adapt to the new challenges that we meet virtually every day, and thus continue to ensure our usual short response times and keep all our delivery promises. The flexibility and agility that are deeply rooted in our corporate culture have helped us greatly.

As an innovative company, we are looking ahead positively to the time after the crisis, successfully pressing on with cooperations and partnerships and forging ahead with investment in pioneering development projects. This is because — especially after a crisis like the current one — the industries we supply need modern, innovative solutions and highly productive systems of the very best quality. 

And we are there for you during the crisis as well. Our worldwide service and sales teams are on call to create or increase competitive advantages — in times when production may be rather quiet. We are also dealing with repair and maintenance requests as usual in order to make sure your wire processing equipment is in the best possible shape, and we are working together with you on customer-specific solutions that meet your individual requirements.

With the numerous learning and training courses run by our S.University, we also provide an ideal solution for staff development and keeping your employees up-to-date with current technological knowledge. Online, from home or at your premises, including in small groups in compliance with the local regulations. 

Kind regards and stay healthy, 


Christoph Schüpbach, CEO


Update 03/19/2020

Dear customers and partners,

As you certainly are aware, the world, its population and our global economy are facing a challenge that goes well beyond what we could have imagined a few months ago. We are closely following all the latest developments regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) daily so that we can secure our production and our supply chains globally.

As of today, our timely actions have helped us to maintain our production and to avoid any delivery interruptions. At this point in time, we can confirm all currently committed deliveries. However, we all have experienced how fast things change and hence we need to be highly adaptive and flexible while at the same time adhering to the instructions and guidelines of the local authorities.

All our sites are continuously implementing additional safety and hygiene measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners. For example, thanks to our investments in digital technologies and infrastructure over the past few years, we have been able to activate home office for a large percentage of our employees. This allows us to simultaneously achieve health and safety goals while ensuring that we can continue to produce and deliver products and services in a timely manner.

Schleuniger is an agile and highly committed group, and we are used to going the extra mile to make things happen. This deep-rooted spirit is of great help in times like the present. Our sites in Asia have been role models in their respective regions when it came to fighting the virus and its impact on people and business. However, as our sites in Switzerland and Germany now enter a challenging phase in the fight against the virus, you as our valued customer could potentially be impacted by longer-than-usual response or delivery times. We will do our very best to keep these impacts to the absolute minimum.

We maintain our sales and service activities around the world and can offer telephone or video conferences to discuss projects and demonstrate our solutions digitally. Our inside sales teams are ready to answer your questions and to process orders. We have taken all measures to keep our production operational while implementing all health and safety precautions necessary to protect our employees.

We thank you for your understanding and support. We will continue to update you as the situation changes, and we will continue to strive to #KeeptheWorldGoing #KeeptheBusinessGoing #KeeptheIndustryGoing

Sincerest regards and stay healthy!



Christoph Schüpbach, CEO


Dear customers and partners,

We are following the situation and the latest developments regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) on a daily basis so that we can secure our production and our supply chains globally. The Schleuniger Group is in close contact with all affected suppliers, we’re implementing corresponding actions on a situational basis, and we’re securing — as needed — alternative suppliers for parts and production components. To ensure deliveries, we have been working with our logistics partners to organize alternative slots and transport routes. As of today, these timely actions have helped us to avoid any delivery interruptions.

While the situation in China is slowly returning to normal, the developments in Europe and North America can’t yet be predicted, so we cannot completely rule out the possibility of an occasional, minor delay.

The health and safety of our employees, partners and customers is of utmost importance in all our actions. We will therefore keep you regularly informed here on all the latest developments in the form of a news ticker.