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Cost Efficiency by the Second. The PEC 40 Crimping Station for Ferrule Processing

Schleuniger Global05/11/2022

Short delivery times and low manufacturing costs are crucial, especially in control cabinet construction, where wiring accounts for up to 49% of the work. However, the automated assembly of individual wires offers significant benefits from an investment and cost point of view. With the PEC 40, Schleuniger offers a crimping station for fully automatic wire processing machines that satisfies these demands.

With a cycle time of less than one second, the PEC 40 achieves a particularly high output and significant time savings when compared to conventional wire assembly. Color-coded interchange parts that can be replaced without any tools, reducing setup times, and virtually eliminating handling errors. The PEC 40’s software is seamlessly integrated into the CrimpCenter HMI and conveniently delivers all relevant production parameters. The ferrules are displayed in the corresponding standard color, making it easier for the operator to visually check production orders. The crimp force is adapted to the respective conductor cross section thanks to full software integration.

The result: a top-notch, cost-efficient crimp.


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