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CoaxStrip 6580 – Schleuniger’s Latest Innovation Delivers an Impressive 20 Percent Performance Boost

Schleuniger Global09/28/2018

The new CoaxStrip 6580 from Schleuniger will win over customers with its powerful drives, which deliver an excellent performance increase of 20 percent and a significant increase in blade life. Highlights of the new coaxial cable stripping machine are increased stripping quality and newly implemented processing functions.

Powerful and precise drives that deliver an excellent performance increase of 20 percent, newly implemented processing functions, and an extremely wide processing range are just some of the inherent benefits of the new CoaxStrip 6580 coaxial cable stripping machine from Schleuniger. A sector innovation and further highlight of the CoaxStrip 6580 – available for sale immediately – is its high-performance control software and intuitive color touch screen with its innovative user interface. The new design of the stripping head will also further increase stripping quality.

Unique processing functions
Schleuniger’s innovation includes newly implemented processing functions which enable optimum processing of diverse wires and cables covering a wide range of applications. For example, the “cable diameter verification” function prevents incorrect cables from being processed, and the “automatic cable retraction function” helps when processing flexible cables with longer strip lengths. Numerous programmable processing parameters guarantee high processing flexibility and quality.

Lower costs and higher productivity
The high-performance control software S.ON saves raw material data in the stored libraries, and processing parameters are calculated automatically based on the raw material data. Cable programs can also be loaded using a barcode scanner for quick, error-free changeovers. The cutting blades as well as the centering and clamping jaws are ideal for use with a wide range of coaxial, triaxial, multi-conductor cables and discrete wires. All processing parameters are stored in memory and easily recalled. No mechanical adjustments are required to cover the full range of possible applications. Thanks to the reliable Schleuniger technology, downtimes are virtually eliminated. Machine maintenance has also been made easier as the safety cover can be removed without any tools.

Reduction in operating costs
The four-blade design ensures that even very thin, hard-molded or slightly out-of-round insulations can also be stripped. The cutterhead adapts precisely to the cable diameter, reducing wear and significantly increasing blade life, thereby decreasing operating costs. The CoaxStrip 6580 also provides the best conditions for ensuring high-quality, flawless stripping since the blades are positioned on the same plane and therefore do not generate any transverse forces when incising and removing the insulation. By making incisions that are linear and perpendicular to the cable axis, the CoaxStrip 6580 ensures clean, precise incisions. The unique four-jaw centering system is mounted adjacent to the blades and ensures that the cable is perfectly centered during the stripping process.

With its high production performance and unique processing functions, the new CoaxStrip 6580 is extremely well suited for use in a wide range of industries, including both the automotive and the information and communications technology sectors.

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