Schleuniger helps Total Quality Instrumentation maximize quality and increase process times!

“It just makes sense for us to use Schleuniger equipment; it’s durable and doesn’t break”

Total Quality Instrumentation, Inc. (TQI) located in Cookeville, TN., manufactures a variety of products that support the automobile development and heavy trucking industries. These include but are not limited to, wiring harnesses and instrumentation solutions. With a primary mission to provide the highest possible quality products, it is important to TQI that they have the right equipment in place to accurately process their applications at its 10,000 plus square foot facility.

In 2015, TQI purchased their first piece of Schleuniger equipment, a UniCrimp 100 benchtop crimping machine. Prior to that, most of their applications were done by hand. When the demand required that they automate more of their wiring processes, they looked to Schleuniger for help. “It just makes sense for us to use Schleuniger equipment; it’s durable and doesn’t break,” says TQI President, Richard Grogan. Over a period of two years the company purchased several more UniCrimp 100 machines, a StripCrimp 200 stripping and crimping machine, a SawInspect System 6 for crimp quality assurance, and two MultiStrip 9480 cut and strip machines.

Because TQI makes engine dynamometer wiring harnesses, they are required to precisely cut and strip to length a variety of wire sizes and colors. The MultiStrip 9480 provides the flexibility they need to deliver the highest quality products to their customers. According to Grogan, “The accuracy of the MultiStrip 9480 prevents recuts and the durability of the rollers is unmatched. And because your software integrates with Microsoft Excel, we are able to send the production list to the machine where the operator can follow simple instructions to load the material, run the product, and rapidly move to final assembly.“

By integrating Schleuniger equipment throughout their manufacturing process, TQI was able to yield an estimated 40-50% decrease in their overall process time! “The accuracy of the StripCrimp 200 is unparalleled,” says Grogan. “It strips and crimps the wire to perfection. There is no terminal distortion, which gives us a dialed in, repeatable standard.” Grogan expects that as the need for smaller wires continues to grow, TQI will need to invest in more stripping and crimping machines.

It is clear to Total Quality Instrumentation, that Schleuniger helps them achieve their main objective; to provide the highest quality products and services. Grogan adds, “Schleuniger solves a problem, instead of making one.”