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Case Studies

Benchmark Games International Saves Time, Costs and Secures its Reputation with The Aid of Schleuniger Equipment
With the production rate being so high, Benchmark is able to produce wires using better lean concepts and can have the needed wire created the day before assembly.
Schleuniger Provides Consistent Quality That iRex Can Depend On
“Many of our customers call for tolerances that Schleuniger machines can provide with consistency."
BHC Cable Assemblies Relies On Schleuniger Precision and Durability!
“We most value the precision and durability of our Schleuniger machines. My first machine is still in use from 1997.”
Schleuniger Helps Premier Cable Solutions Ensure Commitment to Quality
"The quality of the equipment as well as excellent customer service is what has prompted us to continue to invest in Schleuniger."
Schleuniger helps Total Quality Instrumentation maximize quality and increase process times!
“It just makes sense for us to use Schleuniger equipment; it’s durable and doesn’t break”
Schleuniger provides support and flexibility to Goodman Manufacturing’s wire harness assembly process
"Knowing that the support was there when I needed it was huge."
Schleuniger adds benefit to Northcomm Technologies’ slogan, “We Make the Connection”
“People using hand tools make mistakes, Schleuniger equipment does not.”
Schleuniger Helps 911 Circuits Live Up to Their Slogan of “Wiring Made Easy!"
"It does the work of 3 to 4 people and can produce in a matter of hours what otherwise would have taken a couple days. Plus, the wires come out perfectly!”
Schleuniger Provides Quality that Lasts Under Daily Use
“Schleuniger products are critical to our success!”
Flexible Tubing is No Match for Schleuniger’s EcoCut 3200
“Best of all, the unit we purchased actually outperformed Schleuniger’s specs!”
Schleuniger Provides the Only Machine for the Job at Royce Electronic Sales
"The Schleuniger sales representatives and service team are extremely customer service-oriented. That is a hard thing to find in businesses today.”
6 Million Runs at Gruber Communications and Still Going Strong
“The overall reliability, technical support, and infrequent need for parts make the Schleuniger products the most reliable production equipment we have."
Schleuniger Helps PC Systems Overcome Multi-Strip Challenges
“All of PCS will agree, a big advantage that Schleuniger has over its competitor is customer service."
Schleuniger’s PowerStrip 9500: A Bright Light for Cathode Lighting Systems
“The machine is well made and runs flawlessly.”