CrimpLab 2

Comprehensive PC Software for analysis of cross sectioned terminals

  • Overview


    The CrimpLab 2 software is designed specifically for analysis of cross sectioned terminals. The latest version has many enhancements making cross section analysis easier than ever. With the CrimpLab 2 Standard software users can measure all critical crimp dimensions using simple measurement tools. The CrimpLab 2 Automatic software features an automatic contour recognition function allowing users to measure all cross section dimensions of standard B-crimps automatically with just a few clicks. Automatic measurements can be taken in a fraction of the time required by manual measurement so efficiency can be significantly increased using the CrimpLab 2 Automatic software.

    Separate jobs can be created including critical dimensions and tolerances for each terminal and wire size combination. Job information contains which measurements are required for that particular job since different customers might have different requirements. The user can instantly see if the measurements pass or fail. When all measurements are taken, a complete report in a clear format can be quickly generated and saved. Reports are in .pdf format. They include photos and all dimensions compared to nominal values and tolerances. Quick measurements are also possible for samples not loaded into jobs.

    CrimpLab 2 analysis software makes section analysis simple, fast and traceable.

  • Application Range

    Application Range

    The CrimpLab 2 is designed for use with Schleuniger MicroGraph and SawInspect Systems. All key dimension requirements according to VW 60330 Norm can be measured including critical heights, widths and angles. Additionally, strands can be counted, crimp compression and crimp symmetry can be determined and physical measurement data can be imported from crimp height measurement devices. Customers can also analyze other aspects of processed wire ends such as strip quality and wire position in the crimp.


    • Save time with predefined job templates for a variety of measurements
    • Clear and comprehensive reports quickly generated for complete traceability
    • User management with language selection
    • A variety of languages are supported for worldwide use
    • All other aspects of processed wire ends can be evaluated quickly and easily
    • Fully automatic cross section analysis in seconds with CrimpLab 2 Automatic soft-ware
    • Comprehensive software designed specifically for crimp cross sections with simple measurement tools for all critical measurements.
  • Technical Data

    Technical data

    AnalysisAll measurements required by VW Norm 60330 as well as strand count, symmetry, compression ratio, external crimp height measurement device (CHM)
    Measurement MethodCrimpLab 2 Standard:   Manual
    CrimpLab 2 Automatic:  Automatic with manual adjustment capability
    Job Management

    Definable requirements and settings for simple recall such as:

    • Company Name and Logo
    • PDF Reports
    • Required measurements for each job
    • Tolerance values
    ReportingPDF report including cross section photo, job information, test data, terminal data, wire data, measurements and results
    LanguagesEnglish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, French, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese
    System RequirementsCPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
    RAM: 2GB
    Hard disk: min. 1GB available
    Graphics card: min. resolution of 1024 x 768,
    DirectX 9 compatible
    Slots: 2 free USB slots (1x License Dongle, 1x camera)
    Auxiliary equipment: Mouse and keyboard
    Operating systems: Windows XP (32Bit/64Bit), Windows Vista (32/64Bit), Windows 7 (32/64Bit), Windows 8
    (32/64Bit; without RT versions)