• 07/06/2017

Mercury-4 – High-performance laser stripping machine with compact design

Schleuniger introduces the laser stripping machine Mercury-4.


The Mercury-4 is a powerful and slim benchtop laser stripping machine that can process wires and shielded cables ranging in size from 0.025 – 6 mm OD (0.001" – 0.2"). The machine provides high quality, completely nick-free stripping every time, making it the perfect solution for critical applications where mechanical stripping is simply not possible or allowed. Users can further increase productivity with a custom wire fixture to hold and process multiple wires in one cycle or hold flat cables to perform any type of stripping pattern within a 50 x 50 mm (2 x 2”) strip area. The simple touchscreen interface allows all parameters (laser power, speed and position) to be set up with just a few clicks. 

The Mercury-4 can be used as a stand-alone benchtop unit or can be interfaced to any Cut & Strip machine for window stripping with a 100% circumferential strip. The Mercury-4 has proven in the field that it is the only unit capable of handling such a broad range of insulation materials and colors, providing you the most complete and sophisticated laser stripping solution available on the market today.

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