Corporate Governance

First row from left: Jörg Gutowski Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Christoph Schüpbach Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Back row from left: Alan Tan President Market Region APAC, Rudy Vit President Market Region EMEA & SAM, Darren Teasck President Market Region NAFTA, Urs Frei President Business Units Cut & Strip | Semi-Automatic, Manfred Böyng President Business Unit Cut Strip Terminate, Armin Tobler President Business Unit Solutions


The CEO bears overall responsibility for the operational management of Schleuniger Group and ensures the Group's long-term growth in a profitable and sustainable way. In concert with his Management Committee, he develops strategy roadmaps for submission to the CEO and/or Board of Directors of Metall Zug AG. The CEO of Schleuniger Group is responsible for all key decisions outside the remit of the CEO and/or the Board of Directors of Metall Zug AG.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is the most senior level of executive management within Schleuniger Group. It supports the CEO in his role as manager of Group operations, in implementing the strategy and medium-term planning decisions made by the CEO and/or Board of Directors of Metall Zug AG, and in implementing business policy, guiding principles and corporate philosophy. Members of the Management Committee are nominated by the CEO of Schleuniger Group and appointed by the CEO of Metall Zug AG and the Personnel Committee of the Board of Directors of Metall Zug AG.

Group Management

Group Management is primarily an information, communication and opinion forming committee. It is comprised of key staff members from Schleuniger Group and is chaired by the CEO. Group Management typically includes the senior executives from the larger legal entities of Schleuniger Group. Other persons can be appointed to Group Management; these are usually staff who perform a very critical, strategic role or have highly specialized knowledge in their field of expertise.

Group Innovation Board

Schleuniger’s Group Innovation Board has the responsibility of actively developing the innovation culture within Schleuniger. In addition to the strategic dimension, the Innovation Board is also active in discussing and approving innovative initiatives within Schleuniger Group. Along with the CEO, the head of the New Technologies department and Head of Corporate Technology of Metall Zug AG are permanent board members.

Group Sales Team

Schleuniger’s Group Sales Team is a group of key sales employees that serve our customers on a daily basis and a global level. The team has the responsibility of ensuring Schleuniger practices “one face to the customer” and that all sales organizations exercise group best practices. All members of this team are also members of Group Management.

Group Functions

Within Schleuniger Group, there are multiple key staff members that have functions with responsibilities across the group. Employees with Group Functions ensure uniformity among key processes across the group and are empowered to align best practices to the benefit of the group. All members of this team are also members of Group Management.