Cooperation Partners

Expert partner for wiring test systems and function test systems.

adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH is based in Wertheim near Würzburg (Germany) and is a leading manufacturer of wiring and functional test systems. The company develops and produces application-specific test systems and adaption solutions for wire harnesses used in the aviation, space, railway and automotive engineering industries, as well as in telecommunications, medicine and electrical engineering.





MES systems for optimized production and logistics

DiIT AG is the leading software solution provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) within the wiring harness industry. With its innovative and high-class software solutions and its wide ranged service portfolio, DiIT manages complex development-, production-, and logistics processes for global leading companies with focus on the automotive and logistics sector. DiIT is a medium-sized company that acts globally with customers in Europe, Central- and South America, Africa and Asia.  High qualified and motivated employees work together at DiIT AG in the head office in Krailling near Munich and in the branch offices in Berlin and Paderborn.

Test boards and quality control solutions

Think Technology. Emdep was established in 1982 and is dedicated to the design and manufacture of tools and test equipment for the automotive industry. Emdep Group is a worldwide supplier for assembly testing equipment and specific software for automotive wiring harness manufacturers. Emdep's objective is to offer maximum quality service and support to earn the total satisfaction of their clients.

Cable and harness testers

Cirris Systems Corp. is a leading supplier of testing systems for cables and wire harnesses with more than thirty years of experience in this market segment. Since its founding, Cirris Systems has sold over 40,000 cable testing systems to 8,000 customers around the globe. Cirris Systems is owned by its employees, who bear the very highest degree of commitment to their company.


Laser-based solutions for wire and jacket stripping processes

Laser Wire Solutions is a young, fast growing and highly innovative company, focused on the science of interconnects. Our goal is to drive the growth of the laser stripping market. Our mission is to enhance our customers’ competitiveness by the implementation of laser-based manufacturing solutions. We understand our customers’ processes and we aim to help our customers to solve their problems by adding capability, productivity and

Ultrasonic welding technology solutions

Telsonic is a family company, established in Bronschhofen, Switzerland. They offer products and services for industrial ultrasonic applications and has been one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic solutions since 1966. With a staff of roughly 200 employees, Telsonic offers technical solutions to their customers from many different industries. The key success factors of their company culture are appreciation, trust, and achievement orientation. Their business activities are focused on Europe and North Africa with further expanding activities in America and Asia. Telsonic's name stands for quality, innovation, and highest customer benefit.